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Help increase attendance by giving phone callers an option to avoid long-distance charges

With OpenVoice Integrated toll-free service, you can add a toll-free phone line to the built-in VoIP and toll-based options for audio conferencing. By not having to use toll-free exclusively, you can save money while still having the option of attracting attendees who do not want to pay for long-distance calling. If you would like to purchase the toll-free addition with numbers for over 50 countries, or if you have questions about OpenVoice Integrated, feel free to call 1-888-646-0014.


Making a Business Case for Web Conferencing and Conference Calls

Web conferencing has shown tremendous benefits for businesses of all sizes. Planners valuating solutions should focus justification around cost reduction and fit for specific use cases to reap business benefits.


GoToMeeting Benefits and Features

Find out for yourself how online meetings can save you time and travel costs and simultaneously help you get more done.

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