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Easily start and stop screen sharing

A presenter can share a single application or their full screen by right-clicking the screen-sharing icon on the control panel grab tab and then selecting the application to share from the list of applications presented.


10 Tips to Look Like a Rock Star in Your Next GoToMeeting Session

We all want to look like proverbial rock stars at work, especially when we get the chance to present. It's our time to shine; to show that we can think quickly under pressure and articulate our ideas clearly. So, before you jump into your next GoToMeeting session, here are 10 tips to help you achieve presentation rock-star status.


Citrix Buyer's Guide: Startup SaaS Company

Imagine: You're the CEO of a growing SaaS startup company entering your second year of business. You've survived your first year and even met most of your stretch goals. As you enter your second year of business, your goals turn from survival to systemized growth.

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